Harbortouch Tableside

Harbortouch Tableside enables servers to input orders and accept payment directly from the table with a purpose-built 10” tablet. A dedicated tablet app mirrors the interface of the actual POS software, enabling waitstaff to send orders directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency. This solution provides many benefits for both the restaurant and customers by streamlining the ordering process, improving order accuracy and increasing table turns. The tablet supports EMV chip cards, NFC, and traditional swiped transactions.

Another benefit of Harbortouch Tableside is that on busy nights you can take drink and appetizer orders from patrons waiting in the lobby area and then transfer those purchases to their regular order once they are seated. If you have a deck or patio then it is easy to carry the tablet outside for taking orders rather than having to run inside to the POS station. It would also be beneficial if you have drive up business as a server can take orders in the parking lot, fire the order off to the kitchen, and let the customer know a time to return. Busy moms and dads would certainly appreciate not having to wait around while the order is being prepared. It is like adding free extra tables right outside your door.

The cost of Harbortouch Tableside is extremely reasonable at only $39.00 per tablet per month. Enjoy your 30 day free trial for peace of mind that this solution is right for your restaurant.

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